As the midpoint of the season has been crossed, Victor Wembanyama reflects on his first three months in the major league.

At the halfway mark, the financial records are not particularly impressive, at least on a collective level. After 50 games this season, San Antonio has only 10 wins to 40 losses, placing them at the bottom of the Western Conference. However, on an individual level, Wembanyama is performing well, averaging 20.4 points, 10.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 3.1 blocks per game.

The former Met player has admitted to being surprised by the pace of the NBA since his debut. "Everything surprised me, and there are still things that continue to surprise me. The hardest part is not physical, but mental – going onto the court every night and fighting for the team. Because the opponents want to 'kill' you or dunk on you," he shared in an interview reported by RMC Sport. He emphasized the mental challenge of applying the coach's instructions and the difficulty of adapting to the team's needs.

Wembanyama described the experience as tough, saying, "It's become my normal rhythm, even though it's hard. The most difficult part is, especially mentally, to be present and focused every night on the court. It's about handling the 150 technical and tactical instructions given to you and fighting against someone who's aggressively competing against you every night."

Despite these challenges, the French player acknowledges that he is in ideal conditions to perform. "We are in such good conditions, we have everything we need to recover. We take our time with everything for our body, allowing it to adapt. Now, we've gotten into a normal rhythm. I sleep better when I play three or four matches a week," he highlighted.