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Welcome to YES||NO
Community-run and decentralized betting app for everyone

A new era for betting

While traditional operators enable to play on their bets, majorly on sports and on old interfaces.
YES||NO enables its members to create their own bets, on any kind of topic (reality show, crypto values, weather, news…), and with a game changer interface due to its YES / NO sole 2 possible choices.
Our vision of betting on our alpha app has generated 30 millions bets with its community of 100,000 testing players.
A fair distribution of value

YES||NO pays its network members on a prorata basis according to the work performed by each member.
By analogy to Bitcoin : YES||NO pays for time worked, whereas Bitcoin pays based on the provided processing power.
Just like Bitcoin community members who are challenged so that only the members with the greatest processing power earn rewards, YES||NO is challenging its members by rewarding those who provide the greatest value through their actions performed on the app.
They are leading YES||NO to the Moon 🚀

Q4 2021
Token launch

Q1 2022
1st CEX listings

Q2 2022
1st gaming license released

Q3 2022
Launch YES||NO dApp

Q4 2022
Launch Tipsters (teasing...)

Q2 2023
Launch Ads Manager

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